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Estoy encantada con los servicios de esta empresa inmobiliaria en España. Compré mi casa de ensueño sin complicaciones y con asesoramiento en mi propio idioma. ¡Altamente recomendado!

María López


I couldn't be more satisfied with the attention received from this company. My experience buying a house in Spain has been exceptional thanks to their professionalism and knowledge of the market. I would definitely choose them again!!

Jacob  Williams


My experience buying a home in Spain with this company has been incredible. The team took care of every detail and provided me with excellent service. I highly recommend your services!

Sara Rodríguez

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1) Advice on searching for properties: When a client is preparing to purchase a property, going to a real estate agency is their best option. Their extensive experience in the market and their knowledge of the area of operation provide the client with a wide possibility of finding the ideal property. Types of profiles of a real estate agent

2) Processing of Energy Certificates: This document legalizes any real estate transaction, its nature has been mandatory since 2013

3) Analyze the market: Agencies know how to define the true value of a house, as well as analyze whether the possible purchase is a good option regarding the real estate market.

4) Negotiation: Real estate agents have the experience to know how to carry out a negotiation between buyers and sellers, making offers and counteroffers that adjust to the interest of the client they represent. 7 skills to be a good negotiator

5) Home Staging: It is a marketing technique applied to the decoration of a home that seeks to be sold or rented, being a psychological process to invest in making a property presentable for marketing in the shortest possible time and with the greatest profitability. Learn more What is Home Staging?

6) Advertising: Promoting and advertising the sale of real estate is another of the services offered by real estate agencies, this through various communication channels, whether traditional or digital, all with the aim that the client does not worry about disseminating it and make it easier to sell.

7) Wealth management: Consists of investment advice, incorporates financial planning and management, as well as another series of global financial services, this type of advice is provided by financial specialists who know retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, taxes and preparation of the investment process, in order to support your client to improve their income, make it grow and obtain favorable tax investment treatment

8) Training: Due to its dynamism, the real estate sector must be constantly updated in tax, legislative, marketing, photography, sales, negotiations, etc. areas. The importance of real estate training

9) Supervise the purchase and sale process: Real estate agencies offer legal security in these types of procedures. Real estate agents know the entire purchase and sale process in detail, having the responsibility of verifying that it is complied with and supervising that all documents, deeds and contracts are legal.

10) Streamline the process: Real estate agencies' main objective is to provide solutions and simplify the entire process so that it is as less stressful and agile as possible. Agencies must be professional at all times, offer excellent service, commitment and strive to achieve customer satisfaction.

Steps to Follow when Buying a Property in Spain We can divide the purchasing process into two different parts:

First phase This more prior phase includes control of the property, the prior agreement and the mortgage. Property proceedings. It mainly consists of reviewing the property by verifying its registration, owner(s), verifying details such as location and size, and ensuring that it is a debt-free property. Reservation contract and advance payment. Through this contract, both buyer and seller express their explicit intention for the sale to take place. This contract is called the Earnest Money Contract in Spain. There is an initial payment to be made. Mortgage. Here we are faced with a long process, so it is advisable to start it as soon as possible. We must collect all the documents required by the bank, receive approval for the mortgage, and sign the Deposit Agreement.

Second stage This second phase has to do with everything related to the transfer of ownership of services and various utilities, as well as its registration. In the event that a loan (mortgage) is granted, we will face the loan evaluation phase. The bank receives the prior agreement, will send an appraiser to evaluate the property, and once the estimate has been established, the financial institution will sign the mortgage favorably. Closing. Here, the transfer of ownership is certified before a notary. Both parties provide the requested documents (identification document, title deed, payment, etc.); and finally the contract is signed and authorized by the notary. Record. Once verification has been made that the taxes have been paid, the profits are transferred. After registration in the Property Registry, the buyer becomes definitive owner of the property. Taxes Associated with the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate in Spain We mainly find 4 different taxes that can be associated with the purchase and sale of real estate, which will become 5 in the event that the interested party is a foreign person. ITP The property transfer tax is a tax related to the transfer of property. Determining the exact type will depend on the location of the home, since it varies depending on the autonomous community, but always ranges between 5% and 10%. As for the term, it must be paid in the period between the purchase and 30 days after it. Documented Legal Acts Tax This tax is only applicable to homes. Again, it is around 0.75% and 1.5% depending on the region. It is usually paid with the ITP. Capital gain This is a local tax borne by the seller. He goes to the Town Hall in question and sends the form, to later receive via email the amount he owes as capital gains. What does this amount depend on? Basically the number of years the home is, and its cadastral value. IBI The real estate tax is a property tax issued by the municipal entity in which the property is located. It is usually between 0.5% and 1.1% of the cadastral value of the property. What Taxes Does a Non-Resident Foreigner Have to Pay When Buying a Home in Spain? Mainly it is a tax, which will differ depending on whether we are residents of the European Union or not. First of all we find the non-resident tax for own use. The income is calculated based on the cadastral value of the property, and is between 1.1% and 2% of the value of the property. In the case of being a resident of the European Union, it is equivalent to 19% of this income, while it constitutes 24% for non-residents. The declared income, without any tax deduction, is the amount collected from the tenant of the home. If you have any questions about the process of buying and selling real estate in Spain, the related taxes and how to manage your particular case, do not hesitate to make an appointment with us and receive personalized legal advice.

Requirements to buy an apartment or a house Before leaning towards the purchase, it is necessary to do a good job of collecting documents. This process will be the only one that guarantees that you do not miss any details. So, before saying yes to the owner of that apartment that fits what you were looking for, don't forget to check the following: Home ownership titles It is essential that you make sure who is the owner or owners of the home since, for example, in the case of an inheritance, if the heir has not followed all the procedures established for its acceptance, he may not appear as the legitimate owner. . Simple note from the Property Registry It is very easy to process (you can do it online) and will provide you with key information about the ownership of the property and, essential, whether it is free of encumbrances. Can you imagine signing the private purchase and sale contract and later finding out that a seizure order is on the house? With this note, you will avoid those unpleasantries. Latest receipts Also to avoid financial scares, don't forget to make sure that the owner has paid the latest receipts. Thus, request the last receipt of the IBI (Real Estate Tax), as well as the different supplies. If the apartment is located in a building that is subject to the horizontal property regime, go to the administrator or secretary to request a certificate proving that there are no outstanding payments. Certificate of occupancy With this document you ensure, among other things, that the home meets the requirements to be inhabited. Furthermore, buying a property that lacks this document will cause problems if you ever decide to sell. Also to register supplies. Energy efficiency certificate The energy efficiency certificate is a mandatory document for the sale of a home, so the owner will have to provide you with the certificate, issued by an accredited technician. It doesn't matter if you buy an apartment in Pino Montano or in Prat de Llobregat, the energy certificate is a mandatory document throughout the entire Spanish territory. With it you can check the energy characteristics of the apartment you are considering purchasing. These are the basic documents without which it is not advisable to take another step in purchasing a home. Others can be added to them, such as an appraisal of the property or a certificate from the Commercial Registry if you are going to purchase a new home. This way you will have information about the promoting company. Thus, as you can see, the process is demanding, since there are many aspects that must be taken into account to guarantee that everything goes well. Therefore, if you have any questions and to avoid any surprises, it is advisable to go to specialized professionals to accompany you and advise you during the purchase and sale process.

In the Authentic Real Estate Plan we offer all types of support, including legal support.

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